The Night World

night world

Title: The Night World
Author: Mordicai Gerstein
Illustrator: Mordicai Gerstein
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Year of Publication: 2015

Perfect for bedtime, this is the story of a young boy whose cat wakes him up and draws him outside in order to enjoy the breaking dawn. Much to the boy’s delight, the world looks completely different at night. Waiting for the sunrise is a ritual for the neighborhood critters, who gaze toward the east murmuring, “It’s almost here!” and “Look!”.

night world book

In typical Gerstein fashion, the illustrations are stunning. With the story, they progress from dark and shadowy to bright and colorful.

night world book

The Night World could easily lead into a deeper discussion about the symbolism of darkness and light. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite quotes on that topic, courtesy of Pinterest. Enjoy!




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